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Ø   Tasks & Functions
v   Operating container vessels and NVOCC.
v   Agencies for foreign container shipping lines.
v   Freight forwarding, container land transport services.
v   Multiform transport and store warehousing.
v   International bulk cargo shipping.
v   International oil shipping.





Ø   The fleet is directly managed by the Company
v  Supervise and ensure good ship technical conditions.
v   Provide necessary materials and equipment on demands of ship repair and maintenance inside and outside of Vietnam.
v   Insurance and marine safety legislation.
v   Ensure deadlines of certificates for vessels, operating on international routes to meet operation requirements of the Company and chatterers. Step by step to in crease the efficient of ISM code, suitable for scale of Company’s development.
v   Supervise newbuilding ships, following Rules of Classification Socienty and International Conventions.
v   Step by step to professionally set up ship management system, uphold ability of each personal, department and intergrate into world marine shipping.
v   Satisfy regulations, requirement of Rules and International Conventions as well as supervision of Classification Society, Port Authority, Oil and insurace companies.
v   Combine with reputable ship management companies worldwide to improve the efficient of ship management, enhance the knowledge and training of technical staff in foreign professional, reputable and experienced companies.


Ø   Other Services :
v   Ship broker.
v   Office for lease.


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